Internet Content Regulation
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Author : Mahyuddin Daud

ISBN : 9789674910198

Publisher : IIUM Press

Year : 2019

Pages : 368

Internet Content Regulation: Contemporary Legal and Regulatory Issues in the Changing Digital Landscape is written as reference book for legal and ICT researchers, policymakers, practitioners, academics, and students that intend to deepen their understandings on how Internet content may be regulated. Although Internet content regulation has been sceptically equated to censorship, more States have realised that leaving the Internet free is no longer safe for various reasons, including exposure to content risks online. States and international community have realised that because of exposure to content risks online, ethical, moral and religious values of younger generations were in depleting state. However, there is also a need for balance between regulation and freedom that has posed many legal and regulatory issues and challenges to both regulators and Internet stakeholders. Hence, this book offers perspectives from both Internet freedom advocates against Internet regulation proponents and justifes why Internet censorship is deemed necessary to face issues resulting from exposure to content risks. It also deliberated the self-regulation scheme currently practiced in Malaysia and offers provocative insights on how the scheme can be improved to face the issues and challenges brought by the ever-changing digital landscape of the Internet.